Although I did not lecture some subjects in homework 1 (few questions), homework 1 will be active and will not be postponed. The deadline to submit homework will be 30th march instead of 23rd march. So you will have plenty of time to study and solve homework 1 (some hints will be given for some questions). Depending on your performance, the weighted average of homework 1 will be adjust. Also consider it as an exercise. Please share this with your friends.

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Course Outline

COURSE CODE                 :EE216

COURSE TITLE                 : Electromagnetic Tteory

LOCAL CREDIT                :3

ECTS CREDIT                   :5

LECTURER                        : Asst. Prof. Dr. Erkut İnan İşeri

COURSE HOUR                 : 4


OFFICE HOUR                   : 2

TYPE OF COURSE             : Must Course

PREREQUISITIES             : PHY102 & MAT102

LEVEL OF COURSE         : Undergraduate



Review of vector analysis, electrostatic fields in vacuum and material bodies, boundary conditions for electrostatic fields, dielectric properties of materials, electrostatic energy and forces, steady electric current and conductors, magnetostatic fields in vacuum and material bodies, magnetic energy and forces,applications of static fields, Time varying electomagnetic fields


LEARNING / TEACHING METHOD    : The modes of delivery include formal lectures, discussions, problem solving and online homeworks.


Midterm Examinations    40%

Final Examination           45%

Homework               15%



Electromagnetic Field Theory Fundamentals Written by Guru Bhag and Hızıroğlu Hüseyin

Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics Written by David K. Cheng



1 Vector analysis
2 Vector analysis
3 Electrostatics
4 Electrostatics
5 Electrostatics
6 steady electric currents
7 steady electric currents
8 Midterm
9 Magnetostatics
10 Magnetostatics
11 Applications of static fields
12 Applications of static fields
13 Time varying electromagnetic fields
14 Time varying electromagnetic fields
15 Final Exam

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